Subtleties of Home Staging

Staging your home can be intimidating. The feeling of taking your old décor and making it fresh, all without breaking your bank or knowing which colors to put in the entrance to make your home feel more welcoming can surely bring on a headache. Relax, take a deep breath, because you don’t need to be a professional home interior specialist to get the job done.

Sellers who want to present their home in a stylish way can use these tips from the experts. The best news is, they’re all styling tricks you can pull off yourself.

1.Organize your coffee table:
Making your coffee table stand out can increase the feeling of comfort in your home. It can be viewed as the center of future conversations and also a place for close friends and family to gather and spend time with each other. A cluttered or messy coffee table can make your living room uninviting.
Try dividing your coffee table into three sections. You can put a small plant in section one, a book or photo in section two, and maybe a remote control or phone in section three. Remember to keep it neat.

2. Flower Power:
Flowers are pretty. Plain and simple. Arranging a bouquet of flowers in the entry way of your home will work wonders. It will offer a fresh feel and it will stimulate the mind of potential buyers. Try to avoid fake flowers.

3. Pillow Talk:
Pillows can be tricky. You want to have enough to attract the eyes enough to admire but not too much as to create a distraction.
For a long couch, one pillow at each end should do the trick. On a love seat, three or four pillows lined up from end to end will work.
For chair or recliners, two small pillows can bring a “sit here” vibe.
The colors should be in the same color palette and nothing too wild.

4. Nice Fruit:
Fruit, like flowers, can add some fresh color to your home. It can also symbolize abundance and a sense of growth and prosperity.
Fill a bowl of the colorful fruits such as, green apples, oranges, bananas, and maybe even pomegranates.
Be sure to eat or replace the fruit before they begin to rot and attract bugs.

5. Towels Not Towers:
Towels are a staple in any bathroom. Anything that happens in the bathroom should end with use of a towel. Let’s hope!
A common mistake in many bathrooms is the towels being stacked too high. It gives off a sense of anxiety. Especially if someone wants to use a towel and they are afraid of this tower of towels falling on them. It may sound funny but stacking your towels three high is perfect. All the extra towels should be placed out of sight.

6. No Mess at Bedside:
Bedside tables are notorious for collecting clutter. Let’s face it, it is the place where we put things that we plan to put away later because we don’t want to get out of bed and never get to it, right?
Try and keep it simple. A lamp and small scented candle will suffice. You may be thinking of putting a photo on your bedside table, think again. When it comes to personal photos, less is best. You want your potential buyers to see themselves in your home as much as possible.

7. Clean Closets:
Buyers will take a peek into your closets. As you know, it is the hiding place for your mess. When showing your home, be sure to organize your closet and keep it clean.

Stephen Newman, president of Closet Factory in Fort Lauderdale, FL, says that many potential buyers make assumptions based on closets.
“A disorganized, cluttered space says, ‘This home is tight on storage,’ even if that’s not the case,” he explains.

On the other hand, you want to make sure that your closets are not too empty. Make sure there is a variety of clothes in your bedroom closet and blankets in your hall closet. Empty closets may give the buyer the idea that you are desperate to sell and that can produce lowball offer.

These are some ideas that may increase the chances of, not only selling your house, but getting the best possible price. They may seem small and petty but implementing these ideas may ensure that your offer won’t be.


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