Rich Renovations


Selling your home in a buyer’s market can be difficult. By investing some money back into your home in the form of some simple renovations can payoff big time. Four “must do’s” are highly recommended, although the extent of the rehab is up to you.

First, fix the obvious things that need to be fixed. A water stain on the ceiling that could be primed and painted, a filthy carpet that needs to be cleaned, and a dripping faucet that takes the attention away from the rest of the kitchen are just a few examples of issues that will significantly discourage buyers from even presenting an offer. If it is obvious to you it will most likely be noticed by others.

Second, give an honest evaluation of what is known to be the “Heart of the Home”, the kitchen. The kitchen is known in the real estate industry as the most influencing room to home buyers. Buyers look for a fluid kitchen layout with sufficient lighting, well finished cabinets, clean looking counter tops and preferably stainless steel appliances. More simple details such as a new faucets, polished floors and fresh paint are highly recommended and will be well worth the effort.

Next up are the bathrooms. New faucets, paint, caulk and possibly even light fixtures are usually sufficient enough to give the bathrooms a fresh feel. In some cases the vanity, cabinets or even fixtures need to be replaced, but thankfully the bathroom is typically the smallest room in the house and therefor will not need much to highlight it.

Last but not least, exterior image. It is no surprise that every home needs curb appeal and that means keeping the landscaping trimmed, the driveway swept and the front of the house rinsed off at least once a week. To really spruce it up a fresh paint job on the front door, shutters and even the garage door is always a good idea. One more simple task that with a little bit of work will ensure a better offer and therefore a better return on the sale of what is to most families your biggest asset.


Rich Renovations