Past Client Reviews

Dear Future Customers of the Team Gaffney,

We are very thankful for the teamwork of Kurt and Sylvia Gaffney for the sale and purchase of our homes.  From our first meeting, Team Gaffney was equipped with details on the processes for selling a home. They presented a binder full of information that prepared us personally for the sale of our home.  We felt that the Gaffney’s listened well and answered our questions on the best ways to sell our home.  We appreciated that patience.

Team Gaffney held multiple open houses for us, they kept us well informed with the volume of people coming through our home and updates from potential buyers whom were interested.  We felt communication is a very strong asset for this team.

This communication became very important when we had our buyer back out on the last day of our sales agreement.  We were in shock but now we found time against us in the closing of our new home.  It was disheartening at first but Team Gaffney was on top of the whole process and got our home quickly back on the market the next day and within 2 days, we had 2 new potential buyers.  One was a cash buyer which enabled us to remain on schedule with the purchase of our new home.  We were relieved and thankful.

Sylvia did a great job in caring and protecting our interests throughout the sale.  We feel her experience in the real estate world created the sense of peace and confidence we needed to complete all the necessary transactions which got us to our new home.

We would recommend Team Gaffney to anyone.  They truly care about you as a person or couple. They work very hard to make every situation right to accomplish the goals you might have for your future home.  They are a Team that not only talks about Doing something for you, they are a Team that Does it and Does it well!


Paul and Kim Henry