Make A House Your Home

What does it take to make the house you just purchased, into a real home? According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Cambridge, Mass.-based research group, it will take at least $5,000.00, and that is being modest.

New homeowners begin spending on upgrades or changes whether or not the house is newly constructed. Motivated by the desire to make the house appeal more to the homeowners’ taste and not the neutrality that builders use to appeal to all buyers.

Even if the house is complete with appliances, the colors of the interior often will be the first to change in order to make the home in the taste of the homeowner. It’s always a good idea to obtain a color chart from your local paint or hardware store. Buy a sample of the color and sheen you wish to put on the wall before you buy the materials. Most painting contractors charge between $1 to $1.50 per square foot to paint the interior of a home. If you decide to paint the area yourself, you can save yourself a pretty penny. The best way to go about that is visit a paint store and ask for a Sales Representative and some stores will send someone to your home to advise you on the best product and material to use. Free of charge.

If the home is not newly constructed, most likely you will consider changing the flooring. A lot of the previous owner will be left behind on the floor. Especially if they had pets. Vacuuming or mopping will not completely remove the lovely order the last homeowner left behind. With new technology, there are more options than ever. From stick on linoleum tile to snap on wooden planks. Its not just carpet and tile anymore. You can hire a professional to install your flooring but in today’s selection, there are many choices that allow the new homeowners to install the flooring themselves. All that is needed is a basic knowledge of geometry, to figure the areas square footage and a healthy back. Doing it yourself could save you thousands of dollars.

Younger, lower income homeowners, 35 and younger, tend to spend more money than older, wealthier homeowners. This is most likely due to the fact that the wealthier buyer tends to buy homes that are already put together the way they like. Also, the younger buyers have more children than the older buyers.

It’s always good to have some cash on the side for unexpected repairs. You never know what’s hiding under the carpet or beneath the kitchen sink. If it is a previously owned home, there will definitely be some surprise repairs needed. So be ready. A good realtor will encourage you to purchase a home inspection before escrow closes and that will find minor and major defects in the home, but the inspector will not remove flooring or fixtures to find hidden problems. Smaller problems that can become big problems if not addressed. For example, a poorly hung shower door can let water leak and may be absorbed into the drywall, creating mold. A simple adjustment or even a $50 door rail could prevent mold removal which can be thousands of dollars to remove.

Landscaping is another part of your home. On a cool autumn night, after a hard day’s work, sitting in the yard to watch the kids play or the sunset with a refreshing drink in your hand can be just what the doctor ordered. That is when patio furniture will be called for. New patio sets can range from $2000 to $8000. A nice garden to grow fruits and vegetables. Sitting back in a nicely landscaped yard and literally enjoying the fruits of your labor can be very satisfying.

Although the average amount spent on new homes is $5000, that doesn’t mean you will need to spend this amount. There are many ways to give the new home your personal touch without breaking the bank.

Visit your local garage sales. Have you ever heard the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”? Well this could be true and you may find some gems. If you don’t want to spend thousands on patio furniture, find a used one, take it home, and give it a touch up with some paint. Many people save themselves money by doing this. This works a lot better if you are into the antique look. Think of it as giving new life to whatever you buy.

Another way is to let family and friends know what you are looking for. You may get lucky and find that someone is looking to remove that item from their home and you can get it at little or no cost. Most often, people will get rid of an appliance or piece of furniture due to a small/minor flaw or imperfection. You may end up with a practically brand-new piece. Always good to put the word out and keep your ears open.

Whether you buy brand new or second hand, you can put your personal stamp into your new house. Whether you have a large family or you live alone, it will not take much to turn your new house into a home.


Make A House Your Home